Heavenly News For Super Bowl Bears

Heavenly News For Super Bowl Bears


Heavenly News For Super Bowl Bears
Vince Gerasole

(CBS) CHICAGO You’ve heard the old saying, “better lucky than good,” but what about some divine intervention? It can’t hurt.CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole found a nun with an unusual habit.

When it comes to football, Sister Jean Kenny’s prognostications are divine, and the latest sounds heavenly.

“I predict the Bears will win Super Bowl XLI by a score of 30 to 27. Go Bears!” the sister said.

Now before you say her needle-point “Bear chair,” her “Bearly” decorated tree and the gift of Bears socks from Sister Barbara are a bunch of “nunsense,” keep in mind Sister Jean’s record with predictions: 17 right and four wrong in the last 21 years.

Do not credit these visions to her heavenly connections.

“God’s part of everything, but I’d have to say this one’s a little more with ‘ProFootball Weekly,’” Sister Jean said.

That’s right, the paper is her Bible, so to speak. She analyses its statistics like chapter and verse.

For the Bears, the numbers just add up.

“I’m just so impressed with the take-aways they have and when the strip the football, not only do they strip it, they get the ball back,” she said.

But don’t football an mass coincide on Sundays?

“The Bears are a priority on Sundays,” she said. “Because I go to church Saturday night.”

“I spend too much time doing this, I tell you, but when the Bears are in it, it’s worth it,” she added.

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