The Lance Briggs situation

Briggs' Lamborghini in the shopBy now everyone who is in Chicago or is a football fan knows that Lance Briggs wrecked his $350,000 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago and abandoned it on the Edens Expressway around 3am Monday morning. He was nowhere around. He even called it in as stolen, but then, 15 minutes later called in and took responsbility for the accident. He panicked. Tell me you wouldn’t. He is a high-profile athlete in Chicago. He knew that everyone would know and he panicked. Human nature. I don’t know how I would have reacted, honestly. But thankfully he was not hurt, and by looking at the car, it is a surprise. So there is one good thing. That being said, however, Lance Briggs should have known better and should not have panicked. Being in the public eye, you have to live above the rest, knowing that everything you do is being watched. However, to be fair, he immediately took responsibility for what he did. He admitted to panicking and being (Oh no!) human! It appears that the charges are all misdeameanors, which is good for him. So this should blow over, except for maybe the bill to fix a $350,000 car! WOW!

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Preseason Football: Chicago Bears v. Cleveland Brown at Soldier Field

Cleveland Browns    V.    bears.jpg


2006 Season


26.7 (T-2nd) Points Scored 14.9 (30th)
324.9 (15th) Total Offense 264.6 (31st)
119.9 (15th) Rush Offense 83.4 (31st)
205.1 (14th) Pass Offense 181.1 (23rd)
15.9 (3rd) Pts. Allowed 22.3 (22nd)
294.1 (5th) Total Defense 344.8 (27th)
99.4 (6th) Rush Defense 142.2 (29th)
194.8 (11th) Pass Defense 202.6 (15th)
+ 8 (T-4th) Turnover Ratio – 15 (31st

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Review: Bears v. 49’ers 31-28 (Bears win)

49ers.jpg     V.     bears.jpg

Team Stat Comparison
              49’ers Bears
1st Downs 11 22
Total Yards 206 351
Passing 139 205
Rushing 67 146
Penalties 8-36 7-50
3rd Down Conversions 3-11 3-14
4th Down Conversions 0-0 2-2
Turnovers 2 2
Possession 23:58 36:02

Vasher fumble return

Bears 31, 49ers 28
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Preseason Football: Chicago Bears v. San Francisco 49’ers at Soldier Field

49ers.jpg     V.     bears.jpg


2006 Season

26.7 (T-2nd) Points Scored 18.6 (24th)
324.9 (15th) Total Offense 303.8 (26th)
119.9 (15th) Rush Offense 135.8 (6th)
205.1 (14th) Pass Offense 168.0 (29th)
15.9 (3rd) Points Allowed 25.8 (32nd)
294.1 (5th) Total Defense 344.2 (26th)
99.4 (6th) Rush Defense 121.0 (19th)
194.8 (11th) Pass Defense 223.2 (26th)
+ 8 (T-4th) Turnover Ratio – 5 (T-23rd

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Review: Bears v. Colts 27 – 24 (Bear win)

bears.jpg     V.     colts.jpg

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs 19 21
Total Yards 279 355
Passing 211 280
Rushing 68 75
Penalties 3-15 4-19
3rd Down Conversions 5-15 5-13
4th Down Conversions 0-0 1-2
Turnovers 2 4
Possession 32:22 27:38

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The Big NFL News of the Day: Michael Vick will plead guilty

vick.jpgThe announcement came today from Michael Vick’s attorney that he would take a plea bargain offered to him by Federal Prosecutors on the federal dogfighting charges. This is probably a good decision on his part, given the evidence that there appears to be and also knowing that more charges (including possible RICO charges) were forthcoming. He has fended that off now. He will be going to court next Monday to enter his new plea, however, I am not sure if he will be sentenced then or not. Apparently prison is part of the deal, as well it should be. I have heard differing opinions, ranging from 9-12 months to 18-36 months or more. Mind you, it is up to the Judge, not the Prosecutors as to how much time he will receive. Obviously he is hoping for the low end, but due to the circumstances, I would not count on it. I have read alot of articles and heard alot of reports on this. Most people are just disgusted by his actions. Many are calling for him to be banned from the NFL. Certainly he was no angel before this. There was the incident with the “obscene finger gesture” at a game and the water bottle incident are prime examples of the troubles he has been associated with. Obviously dogfighting is MUCH worse and to be honest, just plain revolting. Animal cruelty is just one of those things that completely changes the way people look at the perpetrator. And it is so sad, as Vick is a great quarterback, no question. Now, it is my belief that his career is ruined, and more than likely, over. I don’t see many teams wanting to associate themselves with him. However, he will be in prison for a bit (probably a couple of years). By the time he gets out, he will then have to serve a suspension (more than likely) that will be given to him by the NFL. That will probably be about a year, I think. The earliest I can see him coming back to play is 2009 (very unlikely in my opinion) or 2010. By then he will be in his 30’s and maybe not physically ready to play anymore. Maybe he can play in the Canadian League or Arena League. Not sure. I am one who believes in second chances, but will Michael Vick deserve one?

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Preseason Football: Chicago Bears v. Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome

bears.jpg      V.      colts.jpg


2006 Season

26.7 (T-2nd) Points Scored 26.7 (T-2nd)
324.9 (15th) Total Offense 379.4 (3rd)
119.9 (15th) Rushing Offense 110.1 (18th)
205.1 (14th) Passing Offense 269.3 (2nd)
15.9 (3rd) Points Allowed 22.5 (23rd)
294.1 (5th) Total Defense 332.3 (21st)
99.4 (6th) Rushing Defense 173.0 (32nd)
194.8 (11th) Passing Defense 159.3 (2nd)
+ 8 (T-4th) Turnover Ratio + 7 (T-6th)

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