Chicago Bears 2008 Training Camp schedule


4 Responses to “Chicago Bears 2008 Training Camp schedule”

  1. Tom Langan Says:

    Will the Bears be practicing on 8-1, next friday? It appears that is Family night at Soldier Field. If not, is Family Night free admission? Please advise. Also, the official NFL Bears web site has the dates for training camp all wrong(like Wednesday August 1 when it’s actually Friday); you may want to have that looked into. Thank you
    Tom Langan

  2. mylifeofcrime Says:


    It looks like they have updated the schedule at the official site. It is Family Night and activities begin at 3pm, and practice is at 7pm.

    Admission to watch Training Camp is free. I wish I were there!

  3. sheryl Says:

    I am looking for the bears head patch. Do you know of a website that I could find one at?
    I am looking for one the size of approximately 10 x 12 to put on a jacket.

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