Jonathan Toews named 34th Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks

It was announced at the Blackhawks Convention that 20 year old Jonathan Toews would now be the Captain for the Chicago Blackhawks. He is the 3rd youngest person to become a captain of their team in the NHL. And he appears to be a great choice. They say he is a great leader among his peers, although he has been called “Mr. Serious”. It is believed that he has the ability to bring this team back to the playoffs, and yes, maybe even the Stanley Cup (dare we hope, dream?). Jonathan was told of the decision right before the ceremony, so it was a bit of a shock, but I am sure he knew that it would be him soon. The buzz had been going around for quite a while that it would happen before the new season. Well, Captain Toews, we expect great things from you! And I am sure you can do it!

Toews Named 34th Captain In Team History
Captain kid: Blackhawks give ‘C’ to Toews
Blackhawks to retire No. 3, name Toews captain
Just call him Captain Toews


One Response to “Jonathan Toews named 34th Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks”

  1. Tom Raef Says:

    I think it’s great for JT. It follows kind of what Pittsburgh did with Sid the Kid. He apparently handled the role quite well. JT should be a great “C”.

    Now if the Blackhawks would get Wayne Messmer back to sing the National Anthem – their turnaround would be almost complete. Then we just need The Cup. Yeah…

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