What do you think of the Brett Favre trade to the Jets?

By now you know that the Packers have traded Brett Favre to the NY Jets. This should end all of the controversy, shouldn’t it? Probably not, since it will now cause an issue with Chad Pennington, who said a week ago that he was the starter and not worried about Favre going to the Jets. I still believe he should have stayed retired. He left on a relatively high note, but now, he could get hurt or have another bad year like he has in the past. And now when he retires, it will not be as a Packer, where all of his records are. It will be as a NY Jet. And he has burned his bridges with the Packers, which means that they probably would not taken him back to retire as a Packer. I personally think it is a bad situation all around.

What do you think?


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The Big NFL News of the Day: Michael Vick will plead guilty

vick.jpgThe announcement came today from Michael Vick’s attorney that he would take a plea bargain offered to him by Federal Prosecutors on the federal dogfighting charges. This is probably a good decision on his part, given the evidence that there appears to be and also knowing that more charges (including possible RICO charges) were forthcoming. He has fended that off now. He will be going to court next Monday to enter his new plea, however, I am not sure if he will be sentenced then or not. Apparently prison is part of the deal, as well it should be. I have heard differing opinions, ranging from 9-12 months to 18-36 months or more. Mind you, it is up to the Judge, not the Prosecutors as to how much time he will receive. Obviously he is hoping for the low end, but due to the circumstances, I would not count on it. I have read alot of articles and heard alot of reports on this. Most people are just disgusted by his actions. Many are calling for him to be banned from the NFL. Certainly he was no angel before this. There was the incident with the “obscene finger gesture” at a game and the water bottle incident are prime examples of the troubles he has been associated with. Obviously dogfighting is MUCH worse and to be honest, just plain revolting. Animal cruelty is just one of those things that completely changes the way people look at the perpetrator. And it is so sad, as Vick is a great quarterback, no question. Now, it is my belief that his career is ruined, and more than likely, over. I don’t see many teams wanting to associate themselves with him. However, he will be in prison for a bit (probably a couple of years). By the time he gets out, he will then have to serve a suspension (more than likely) that will be given to him by the NFL. That will probably be about a year, I think. The earliest I can see him coming back to play is 2009 (very unlikely in my opinion) or 2010. By then he will be in his 30’s and maybe not physically ready to play anymore. Maybe he can play in the Canadian League or Arena League. Not sure. I am one who believes in second chances, but will Michael Vick deserve one?

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