The Lance Briggs situation

Briggs' Lamborghini in the shopBy now everyone who is in Chicago or is a football fan knows that Lance Briggs wrecked his $350,000 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago and abandoned it on the Edens Expressway around 3am Monday morning. He was nowhere around. He even called it in as stolen, but then, 15 minutes later called in and took responsbility for the accident. He panicked. Tell me you wouldn’t. He is a high-profile athlete in Chicago. He knew that everyone would know and he panicked. Human nature. I don’t know how I would have reacted, honestly. But thankfully he was not hurt, and by looking at the car, it is a surprise. So there is one good thing. That being said, however, Lance Briggs should have known better and should not have panicked. Being in the public eye, you have to live above the rest, knowing that everything you do is being watched. However, to be fair, he immediately took responsibility for what he did. He admitted to panicking and being (Oh no!) human! It appears that the charges are all misdeameanors, which is good for him. So this should blow over, except for maybe the bill to fix a $350,000 car! WOW!

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