What do you think of the Brett Favre trade to the Jets?

By now you know that the Packers have traded Brett Favre to the NY Jets. This should end all of the controversy, shouldn’t it? Probably not, since it will now cause an issue with Chad Pennington, who said a week ago that he was the starter and not worried about Favre going to the Jets. I still believe he should have stayed retired. He left on a relatively high note, but now, he could get hurt or have another bad year like he has in the past. And now when he retires, it will not be as a Packer, where all of his records are. It will be as a NY Jet. And he has burned his bridges with the Packers, which means that they probably would not taken him back to retire as a Packer. I personally think it is a bad situation all around.

What do you think?


Do you want Brett Favre to be the quarterback in Chicago? (POLL)

Do you want Brett Favre to be the quarterback in Chicago
1) Sure!
2) Absolutely not!
3) I struggle with this!
4) I don’t care
5) Only if he will do a jig in a tutu

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