Blackhawks going to the Conference Finals! And a hat trick for Patrick Kane! What a game last night!

PatrickKane after hat trickLast night’s game in the United Center against the Canucks was wild! I wish I could have been there. But I watched every minute of the game at home. And loved it! I did not expect such a high scoring game either, but it was great! And Patrick Kane’s hat trick, well, what else can I say? It was fabulous! And so exciting, too! These young players, Burish, Kane, Sharp, Toews and so many others, have brought life back into Chicago hockey. The excitement in the United Center spilled into even my home. We won, 7-5. The Canucks, to their credit, did not just give up and roll over. I am glad of that. It was a great game, with scoring back and forth, especially in the 3rd period. The Canucks goaltender, Roberto Luongo, is a good goaltender too. However, of course, I am thrilled that we came out on top last night. Now, we go on to the Conference finals, for the first time since 1995. We will play whoever wins the Ducks-Red Wings series. They play game 6 of their series tonight, with the Red Wings winning that one so far. And of course, like most Blackhawks fan, I am hoping that the Red Wings win that one. Then the finals would be some real exciting games. We have only gotten better as the season has progressed, so the loss of the Winter Classic is just a distant memory. We won the last 2 regular season games against them, so there is true hope! GO HAWKS!

Blackhawks Win Game 6; Head To Conference Finals
Kane won’t ever forget Game 6
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Winter Classic today! Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks on the ice in Wrigley Field

 The Hawks practicing on the ice at Wrigley Field

I am so looking forward to this! Usually I only watch college football on New Year’s Day, but not today! I will watch the Rose Bowl later, but I am so psyched for this game. Go Hawks!

NHL Winter Classic
Red Wings-Blackhawks Preview
At long last, the puck drops here
Blackhawks-Red Wings will have an edge to it

Tonight’s Game: Phoenix Coyotes at Chicago Blackhawks

Tonight’s Game: Anaheim Ducks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Tonight’s Game: Chicago Blackhawks at San Jose Sharks

blackhawks     vs.     san-jose-sharks

Chicago Blackhawks vs. San Jose Sharks





Both of these teams are very offense-oriented, so expect a high scoring, intense game tonight. Unfortunately, this will be an uphill battle for Chicago, as San Jose has not lost to Chicago at home since March 17, 2003. But, we can do it!!! Go Blackhawks! Give us something to be thankful for today!!!

Blackhawks-Sharks Preview
San Jose vs. Chicago Preview
Blackhawks-Sharks Preview

Jonathan Toews named 34th Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks

It was announced at the Blackhawks Convention that 20 year old Jonathan Toews would now be the Captain for the Chicago Blackhawks. He is the 3rd youngest person to become a captain of their team in the NHL. And he appears to be a great choice. They say he is a great leader among his peers, although he has been called “Mr. Serious”. It is believed that he has the ability to bring this team back to the playoffs, and yes, maybe even the Stanley Cup (dare we hope, dream?). Jonathan was told of the decision right before the ceremony, so it was a bit of a shock, but I am sure he knew that it would be him soon. The buzz had been going around for quite a while that it would happen before the new season. Well, Captain Toews, we expect great things from you! And I am sure you can do it!

Toews Named 34th Captain In Team History
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