Devin Hester signs a 4 year extension! And the extension pays well!

It appears that Devin Hester got the contract he wanted, and he can make some good cash. There is $15 million in guaranteed money, and then more for incentives, especially in the last two years of his contract. His contract is now until 2013. And he is happy to stay in Chicago and show what he can do. He is expected to take more offensive snaps this year as well. And in my opinion, he is the most exciting offensive player we have had for a while. With the addition of RB Matt Forte, we should have an exciting season!

Hester agrees to four-year contract extension
Bears, Hester agree to 4-year contract extension
Hester relieved after signing four-year extension
An investment return as Bears lock up Hester


Devin Hester shows up to training camp

Happy to see you back Devin Hester! He did not get a new deal on his contract, but he returned to training camp anyway, looking happy. I believe that the Bears will work this out with him however and we will all be happy.

Hester ends two-day holdout, reports to training camp
Hester Returns To Training Camp.
Bears camp: Day 3

Devin Hester – where are you??

Well, most of you should know by now that Devin Hester has not shown up to training camp. He is holding out for a new contract. And I personally believe he has a point and the Bears should take notice. For a player who has done so much in the 2 short years he has been with the team (c’mon–just look at his stats), his request is not out of line. There are new players with no experience getting much more money than he does and he IS a playmaker. The Bears need to realize his worth and take care of it. Do they want him to sit out all season? After the two seasons he has had in the NFL, he deserves much more.

Bears’ Hester on camp: ‘I’m not coming’

Bears surprised by Hester’s absence from camp
Hester A No-Show In Bourbonnais
Hester MIA on first day of Bears camp
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