Looks like Kyle Orton will be starting QB for preseason opener

Kyle Orton will be the starting quarterback for tomorrow nights preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, it does not mean much. It appears that both quarterbacks will be playing, at least for this week and next week. Both Orton and Grossman have been doing well in training camp, but then again, it was the same last year. It is against an opponent when there seems to be a problem! And both appear to be more confident than ever, which I believe to be a good thing. So, I hope that they both play well through preseason, since it it obvious that they are our quarterbacks. So, let’s see what happens tomorrow night!

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Rex out, Brian in: Bears finally change starting Quarterback!

Lovie Smith announced this morning, after a disastrous game against Dallas on Sunday, that Brian Griese will replace Rex Grossman. FINALLY! After all, Rex has become quite the joke in the NFL and amongst fans. He has received many new fun nicknames recently:

Interceptasaurus Rex
Fumbleasaurus Rex
Turnoverauras Rex
Wrecks Grossman

And I am sure there are others, many not fit to print here. Anyway, the problem I see is that Rex can be a good quarterback. When he plays well, he is great. After all, he was the NFC Player of the month for September 2006. But since then, nothing. Nada. He has just gone downhill. Maybe all of that went to his head. I have to admit, I am tired of hearing that with Rex they kept winning and went to the Super Bowl. It was NOT because of him that this happened. It was our defense. If there was a valuable player for us, it was Devin Hester or Brian Urlacher. Now they produced. There is Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs, and many others that produce. Cedric Benson appears to be doing well also. But Rex is going in the opposite direction. He may have been a good player once, but something seems to have turned that around for him. I hope he gets his mojo back. But we cannot wait for it anymore. Not if we want to get back to winning. Go to the playoffs. And stop being the joke of the league we have become. Sorry Rex, but we need this change.

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